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INDUSTRIAL DESIGN Helping engineering firms achieve reduced design cycles, faster time-to-market and lower costs.



The development of design research has led to the owner of design as a coherent discipline of study in its own right, based on the view that design has its own things to know and its own ways of knowing them. Well planned process yields valuable insights.


We help our clients to make conscious decisions to select feasible ideas which are apt for the projected market space. All our concepts are validated at multiple stages which helps our clients to understand the design direction at the early stages of the product development cycle.


Quick Prototypingh

We have collaborated with prototype makers worldwide to deliver cost effective, timely and world class prototypes. hey will be the true representation of the product in terms of form, colour, material and finishes. These models can be used for marketing, user studies and for sales to demonstrate their product.

Design Detailing

Discussion with details of specification and ideas with real time mock-ups and rapid proto samples. Communicate technology, feasibility and conclude on next actions on detailed Engineering.


Working Prototyping

Make people understand the design intent and Engineering Specification. Use precision machining techniques of prototyping. Communicate all the form fir function through the working models.

CMF Design

CMF parameter is a specialized area of design that focuses on colour, material and finish development. This involves trend research, materials and processes R&D, analysis, strategy and lots of creative thinking.


Context Visualization

We evaluate the design by visualizing in context. Take more informed decisions based on visualisation through appearance models


We work closely with customers, take their inputs, suggestions so that converge based on the needs. Use prototypes and simulation to get real feedback from customers.


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