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Our mission is to create effective, yet safer equipment. Existing Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW) has always spurred controversies regarding its use and safety. So we created the R3 as the ultimate solution. Whether you are a law enforcement or security agency or looking for the ultimate personal security equipment, INFOS Technology Co., Ltd. will surpass your expectations.


R3 Core Technology

Existing conducted energy weapons had low accuracy on long-distance activations due to the absence of proper sight. Also, because most of those were only equipped with single-shot ability, the user’s response to multiple situations was nearly impossible. Expensive cartridges and consumable batteries also came as heavy monetary burdens for the agencies utilizing the CEWs. To solve all the given problems and create more effective and safer equipment, we developed the R3.

The R3 is a smart conducted energy weapon. The 3 Shoot Revolver maximizes field adaptability and the Dual Laser Sight allows an enhanced aiming by separately indicating two individual probe's impact location. The 1.22 inch TFT Touchscreen Display vividly shows all the device information and allows the user to operate the device with ease. Lastly, the 5,200 mA Rechargeable Battery makes sure that the device is always operational.  

Field Adaptability 

The R3 is equipped with its own original 3 Shoot Revolver. The cylinder with total of 6 cartridges allows 3 continuous shoots so that the user can respond to all possibilities that may happen during a mission. Because the cylinder is equipped with the revolver cutting system, user can continuously activate the CEW without any wire entanglements.

Enhanced Accuracy 

The Dual Laser Sight ensures that the user can quickly aim for the target and fire two probes to the designated area for subject control. Effective range is 3-5m and within the range, the laser dots and the probes are parallel to each other.

User Friendly

The R3's 1.22Inch TFT Touch Screen Display allows the user to easily operate the device and receive battery and device status in real-time. The device is also equipped with a small, yet powerful Smart Core. The Smart Core provides the Internet of Things (IOT) function via Bluetooth and records GPS, Gyroscopic data and time whenever the CEW is activated. The activation log can be recorded up to 100 shots.

Low Maintenance Cost

Unlike that of other CEWs, the R3's battery is not a consumable.  5,200mA Lithium Ion Battery can supply approximately 300 shots of 5 second electric discharge, and takes away the burden of resupplying new batteries when depleted. Battery level is indicated on the display and can be checked manually through pressing the LED switch on the bottom. Usage time may vary according to environmental conditions.

Technical Characteristics

Length: 189 mm

Height: 135 mm

Width: 31 mm

Weight: 370 g (With Battery & Without Cartridge)

Body material: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

Body Color: Black

Ammunition: 6 cartridges propelled by black powder

Operation Length:  Approximately 300 discharges of 5 seconds.

System Activation: Safety Switch and Screen Tap 

Activation Log: GPS, Time and Gyroscopic Data up to 100 EA. Transmitted via BLE connection.

Device Sync: Bluetooth 4.1 Connection

Display: 1.22 Inch TFT Touch Screen

Operating temperature:  -20 ℃~60 ℃

Serial number: External visible markings & Internal RFID

Laser: Class 3A Laser

Electrical Characteristics

Wave shape: Damped Sinusoidal Pulse

Pulse rate: 18~20 Hz

Pulse duration: 2.63mS

Cycle duration time: 5 seconds 

Peak voltage of voltaic arc: 15,000 Volts in the open circuit

Current of RMS: Under 0.050A

Energy per pulseTBD

Total pulse charge: 100~120uC

Average output power: TBD

Battery Capacity: 3.7V 5200mAh


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한국형 전자충격기 공개…첨단기술 무장한 치안 

한국형 전자충격기 공개…첨단기술 무장한 치안

S. Korea develops stun guns to replace expensive imports...

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South Korea Wants To Develop Its Own Stun Guns To Replace Expensive Tasers...

South Koreans will soon be able to purchase locally made stun guns. The government is funding an initiative for the country to develop its own stun guns that better suit the needs of the local population and to replace expensive Tasers.

South Korea to develop own stun guns...

SEJONG, Feb. 16 (Yonhap) -- South Korea will develop its own stun guns better suited to its needs, with the completion scheduled for around July next year, officials said Thursday. 

Local company Infos Technology will be making the device that will replace Taser guns that the country obtains entirely through imports. The project will be funded in part by the state under an agreement between the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the National Police Agency, who signed a memorandum of understanding in 2015 to jointly assist with the R&D necessary for public security.



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